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  • Understanding Physical Dependence

    This video has been revised and now features Dr. Mark Sullivan from the University of Washington. It also includes Betty Tully and Drs. Jane Ballantyne, and Thomas Kosten. The purpose of this video is help prescribers and the public better understand the meaning of the term physical dependence and to correct the misperception that physical dependence on opioids is benign and clinically unimportant.

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  • High Dose Opioid Therapy

    This video has been revised and now features Dr. Lynn Webster*, President-elect of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. It also includes Betty Tully and Drs. Jane Ballantyne, and Thomas Kosten. The purpose of this video is to correct the misperception that there is no upper dose limit for opioid therapy and to communicate that high dose prescribing is a dangerous practice.

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  • Addiction is NOT Rare in Pain Patients

    This video has been revised and now features a clip of CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden. It also includes interviews with Drs. Russell Portenoy*, Nathaniel Katz*, Andrew Kolodny and Thomas Kosten. The purpose of this video is to communicate that pain patients can become addicted to opioids and that misinformation on this topic played a role in causing the epidemic.

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  • Effectiveness for Chronic Pain

    This video is new and features interviews with Drs. Mark Sullivan, Alex Cahana and Gilbert Fanciullo. The primary goal is to communicate that long-term opioid therapy is not an evidence-based treatment for chronic pain.

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  • The Oxycontin Express (Vanguard)

    This is an excellent documentary that Current TV/Vanguard did on Prescription Drug Diversion and Abuse in South Florida. The show was visiting with the Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force and members of our community regarding this issue. Featured in the documentary is Maureen Barrett and her son Todd, Dr. Sanford Silverman, Representative Kelly Skidmore, and local law enforcement.

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    Originally aired on 10/14/09


  • CDC Vital Signs: Prescription Painkiller Overdoses in the U.S.

    A couple of days ago Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the CDC, held a press conference paired with the release of “CDC Vital Signs: Prescription Painkiller Overdoses in the US”. This is a call to action from the CDC. In the Vital Signs document the CDC outlines important steps that can be taken by state governments, medical boards, health insurance companies and prescribers to bring the epidemic of overdose deaths and addiction under control. Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) wishes to thank the CDC for issuing this important report and for their strong leadership on this issue. We would also like to take this opportunity to share with you our new and revised videos on opioid prescribing.

    At PROP, we believe that it’s not just pill mill operators and drug dealers that are fueling the epidemic. An even greater problem may be well-meaning prescribers who have been misled to believe that compassionate care for a person with chronic pain automatically equals an opioid prescription. We hope that these videos will permit prescribers to properly weigh the risks versus the benefits when considering long-term opioid therapy.

    The CDC has demonstrated a relationship between increased overdose deaths, increased addiction rates and increased opioid prescribing. To turn this trend around, providers must understand that opioid prescribing entails serious risks for patients, their families and the community, so vigilance and caution are essential. We urge you to carefully read the CDC Vital Signs, to watch these videos, and to assist us in distributing these materials.

  • Pillbillies/Florida man smuggling oxycodon into Maine/CDC report

    Unintentional Drug Poisoning: The Role of PMPs

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  • Office of Drug Control – Florida Prescription Drug Monitoring Bill

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  • Broward Briefing: Youth Delinquency and Alcohol

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  • Broward Briefing: Oxycodone Drug Deaths

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  • Some MRI centers help addicts, dealers get pain pills

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  • Teen Heroin Use – and Deaths – On the Rise

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  • Vigil Held for Drug Abuse Victims

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  • National Institute of Drug Addiction

    Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment NIDA

  • Oxycodone Dispensing Data

    Broward County Continues to Lead the nation in Amount of Rx Oxycodone Dispense Directly by Physicians (250kb)

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  • Prescription Pill Addiction

    The Oprah Winfrey Show

  • EPI Center: The Costs of Underage Drinking in Florida

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  • Governor Crist Appoints Two To The Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council

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  • The Florida Marchman Act: F.S. 397.350

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  • Drug talks widespread on the web

    East Orange Forum
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  • Radio Interview with Attorney Alan Levine, Discussing the Marchman Act

    Attorney Alan Levine is interviewed on radio show Legal News & Review, produced by the Broward County Bar Association. Listen to hear an overview of the Florida Marchman Act.


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