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There are many times an individual has come to your facility, voluntarily entered into treatment and, within days, has decided to leave. Regardless of the point in time when the patient decides to leave we can help. Our goal is your goal. Keep them in treatment. Once contacted and retained by family, we can have a petition filed, a hearing set and noticed served upon the patient typically within 24-72 hours. The act of providing the Notice to the Patient/Respondent results in the realization the he or she must appear before a Judge (usually within the following 10 days) and that their failure to appear can result in an order being issued to have the sheriff pick them up. This “realization” coupled with your facilities clinical approach can (and typically does) help you to convince the Patient/Respondent to stay in treatment.

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*Please note ARLS is the first law firm in Florida whose sole concentration is Marchman Act implementation and litigation. We've handled more than a thousand cases. Our experience, training and education provides you with the best Marchman Act advice available. Other attorneys who offer a Free Consultation should be questioned as to their experience and expertise, as these attorneys have just recently entered this area of law and have only handled a minimal number of cases. Our consultation fee is a small price to pay for those trying to determine whether implementing the Marchman Act is right for them.


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