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You as a provider recognize when a patient has completed residential treatment and is about to enter outpatient therapy there exist a significant possibility of relapse. To help avoid this unfortunate circumstance ARLS continues to monitor treatment at this crucial time. We will schedule a hearing just prior to the Patient/Respondent’s discharge from residential treatment. We will make sure the Patient/Respondent will learn and understand that subsequent to their eventual discharge from residential treatment they are under continued court order to comply with the providers’ recommendation of future treatment. We let them know the potential consequences still exist.

Under order for treatment, ARLS will monitor the Patient/Respondent and bring him/her before the court as many times as necessary to force the Respondent to comply with the treatment recommendations during the first sixty day period. An extension can be filed for an additional ninety days prior to the end of the sixty day treatment period should the Patient/Respondent still meet Marchman Act criteria, based on your medical professionals recommendation. During the ninety day extension period ARLS will continue to monitor the Patient/Respondent’s progress by scheduling court hearings. The need and frequency of the hearings typically is based on the input of the provider.

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